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New Patient Information

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We are currently accepting new patients. We offer online appointments (telemedicine) only. Telemedicine has changed the world by making it easier for patients to connect with their providers. Telemedicine provides a simple and convenient way to meet your provider remotely. Telemedicine provides a care experience in the comfort of a familiar environment, improving the healthcare experience. With telemedicine, check-in is a breeze, and waiting room times are shortened, reducing the time and energy needed to get to your appointment. Telemedicine helps create a strong, trusting doctor-patient relationship, the foundation for high-quality patient care.



Initial Appointment for Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation

At the first office visit, the reason(s) for seeking treatment will be discussed in depth. Our Child Psychiatrist will review your child's medical, developmental, psychiatric, family, and other psychosocial history, which impacts your child's behavior and emotional development. At the end of the appointment, a full treatment plan (including medications where indicated, psychotherapy, and other relevant social/environmental adjustments) would be made. We would set up follow-up appointments as needed based on the condition(s) of the child. Please note that the child's legal guardian or other person authorized to make psychiatric medication decisions for the patient would need to be present for the appointment(s). 


One-time fee of $450 (ages 3 to 11) or $500 (ages 12+). Family members get a 10% discount.​


Follow-up Medication Management Appointment

Each follow-up visit is focused on providing optimal treatment for your child.  Appropriate adjustments to the child’s medication regimen will be made, and supportive psychotherapy will be provided.


$165 per visit. Family members get a 10% discount.​Follow-up


Medication Management with Psychotherapy Appointment

This dual-purpose appointment includes medication management, where your child’s medications will be adjusted as needed. The parent and/or the child will be provided with additional psychotherapy specific to a relevant aspect of the child’s condition(s).


$225 per visit. Family members get a 10% discount.​​


​Psychotherapy, sometimes called talk therapy, is a well-established method of treatment used in helping children and parents with a wide variety of emotional and psychological difficulties. Psychotherapy improves daily functioning and enhances the quality of the child's life. Psychotherapy provided include supportive therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), motivational enhancement therapy (MET), interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), and other therapies. When indicated, psychotherapy is provided in combination with medication management. 


Initial Appointment: $350

Follow-up sessions: $150 per session​


We offer cognitive assessment for our patients. This involves testing you/your child's memory, attention, reasoning, and other cognitive abilities using computerized tools and methods. The cognitive assessment results can help us understand your child's strengths and weaknesses, identify specific areas they may be struggling with, such as learning or executive functioning difficulties, and tailor the treatment plan to your child's needs and goals. Cognitive assessments complement clinical assessments and can be done periodically to fine-tune treatment. Cognitive assessments are only available for SunRise patients who are referred by their provider(s) here at SunRise.  


Initial Testing: $300

Follow-up Testing: $175


Electronics are part of everyday life. While most children handle this well, some struggle with controlling their electronic gaming, leading to emotional, behavioral, and social development problems. In such children, excessive and compulsive use of electronics can result in issues similar to those seen in adults with substance use addictions. Recognizing this early and intervening can prevent a child's life from quietly going off track. SunRise provides assessment and ongoing treatment for pediatric electronic gaming addictions promoting balanced and healthy electronics use in vulnerable children. (Please note that this does NOT include addiction to social media or inappropriate websites)


Initial Appointment: $500

Follow-Up Appointment (includes psychiatric medication management and behavior management around electronics): $250​

Direct Pay Model

To provide you and your child with the highest quality of personalized service, we use the Direct Pay Model. With the Direct Pay Model, patients have direct access to Dr. Otite. Dr. Otite offers both medication management and psychotherapy, which supports progress in the child’s treatment and development.​

Please note that we DO NOT accept insurance payments. The patient is responsible for all fees and is expected to make payment at the start of each appointment by credit/debit card or check. ​If you plan to request reimbursement from your insurance company, it is best to check with your insurance company to see if your visits at SunRise Child Psychiatry Clinic will be reimbursed. Reimbursement from insurance providers varies widely from 30 to 70% of the cost of each appointment.

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