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About Us - Finding Inspiration in Every Turn!

SunRise Child Psychiatry Clinic provides quality mental healthcare for children aged 3 to 17 and adult family members. ​SunRise gives you the peace of mind to know your child is on their optimal developmental path even with their mental health challenges. We take great pride in providing our patients with high quality, child and family-centered care.

Who We Are

SunRise Child Psychiatric Clinic provides quality mental health care for children ages 3 to 17. Our Clinic is made up of highly skilled mental healthcare professionals who value your child's health and emotional wellness. SunRise gives you the peace of mind of knowing your child is in good hands and on the optimal developmental path for them, even with their mental health challenges. We take great pride in providing our patients with high-quality child and family-centered care.

Our Mission

At SunRise, we believe each child is unique in their circumstances. We believe that everyone, including children with mental health conditions, deserves compassion and respect and should be enabled to live happy, balanced lives. Children flourish when their mental health is optimally treated and their emotional needs addressed. Regardless of mental health challenges, each child can be treated and guided to experience an optimal quality of life regardless of their condition. As SunRise, we provide mental health treatment to help and support each child to reach their optimal potential while living with mental health challenges while supporting their families in the process.

Our Approach

Our philosophy of care is a collaborative team approach to management, with each party assuming shared responsibility. We create customized treatment plans for each of our patients and their families to promote optimal emotional and social well-being even while living with the challenges of mental health.


 At SunRise, we use the biopsychosocial model for diagnosis and treatment. This takes into account various aspects of the child's symptoms and reasons for seeking treatments. With this method of efficient, comprehensive diagnosis and treatment, we avoid over-reliance on medications and prescribe only the type and amount of medication indicated and necessary to efficiently treat the child's symptoms. In some cases, we include other treatment modalities to promote emotional and psychosocial development.


Your child's total emotional wellness is our goal. Come and experience what SunRise can do for you and your child!

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